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Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson is the Deputy Commissioner for Recycling and Sustainability for the New York City Sanitation Department (DSNY). In this role, she oversees DSNY’s recycling program and is responsible for the development and implementation of the Department’s sustainability initiatives, with a particular focus on waste reduction, composting and recycling programs. Bridget has been with DSNY since 2007, when she began at DSNY’s Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling. Bridget brings invaluable knowledge around the waste and recycling landscape in NYC to the NYC Curb-to-Market Challenge judging panel.

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Steve Brenneman

Steve Brenneman is an experienced CEO and executive who founded the industry-leading manufacturer Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC Trailers). Steve's tenure as CEO at ATC Trailers has seen a six-fold increase in revenue to $65 million, the implementation of a lean supply chain management system which saw dramatic increases in inventory turnover, and a turnaround from negative profits to $1 million-plus annual profits for each of the last six years. He brings a wealth of expertise in lean management and supply chains to the NYC Curb-to-Market Challenge judging panel. 


Chris Graff

A serial entrepreneur, Chris has led or participated in several dozen startups. Most have been in manufacturing and in industries such as ambulances, adhesives, and modular homes. Other business startup sectors have included distribution, direct marketing, real estate development, home building and web-based learning management systems. He has also been active in nonprofit organizations, served on boards, led capital campaigns, and acted in advisory roles. When not traveling, Chris and his wife, Monica, split their time between an off-grid cabin in Montana and an on-grid townhouse in New York City.

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Gina Lee

Gina Lee is the Founder of Circular CoLab, an organization dedicated to empowering the adoption of the circular economy. She is the author of The State of the Circular Economy in America, the first United States focused circular economy landscape study which analyzes over 200 circular economy initiatives. Circular CoLab is currently building the Upcyclers Network to amplify the impact and support the growth of businesses which utilize waste and recovered material to create finished product. Gina has over 15 years of experience working in corporate social responsibility and social impact in the United States, China, and Germany with organizations including the Aspen Institute, the Schwarz Group, and Mercy Corps Beijing. She believes that social entrepreneurs will change the world and is a judge for the Echoing Green Fellowship Program and a mentor for Austin’s Reverse Pitch competition.

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Tim Morrison

Tim Morrison is an experienced CEO with a broad background manufacturing and marketing products for the aerospace, minerals, coatings, polymer, building products, and personal care industries. He has led entrepreneurial companies, divisions of large public companies, and private equity financed companies. Most recently as CEO and Chairman, Tim led AERT's return to profitability. AERT is one of the largest plastic recyclers in North America with $90M in revenue. AERT recycles various polyethylene sources, such as grocery bags and detergent bottles and combines them with recycled wood fiber to produce high-quality decking, railing and composite materials for building products. Tim has been able to bring a passion for reducing waste of our natural resources throughout his career. He brings expertise in Lean/Six Sigma, manufacturing, engineering, and business management training and experience to the NYC Curb-to-Market Challenge judging panel. 

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