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Do I have to be from New York to apply?

No, you can be from anywhere.

Who can participate in the Challenge?

Anyone with a great idea can apply and submit a plan. You can enter as an individual or a team. You can be from anywhere. If you are selected as a finalist and invited to make an in-person presentation to the panel, and you must travel from outside of the New York City Metropolitan Area, travel costs for up to three people will be covered.

How many finalists will be selected?

Four to eight submissions will be selected as finalists and asked to present in-person to the panel on June 21 in New York City.

What is the duration of this competition?

Four months, beginning February 1, 2019, and ending June 1, 2019 at 11:59pm ET. The finalists will be disclosed on or about June 15, and finalists will make in-person presentations to the panel on June 21. A winner will be announced on or about July 1.


Is there any award for runners up?

Not officially. However, in the event that there are multiple entries that meet our criteria, there is the opportunity for further investment and/or advisement for entries not deemed a winner. It is, after all, our goal to make the biggest impact possible.


Can one team submit more than one plan?

We will accept only one application per team. Only the team leader of your team can submit the application, so if you want to submit additional ideas, please start a new application with a different team leader to propose those new designs through the application process. Please do not submit the same design twice, as they will not be considered.

Can a company that is already in operation submit an application?

Yes, if you are an early stage company that is looking to expand, please feel free to apply.


Are there other ways I can participate or partner?

If you want to increase the reach and impact of the NYC Curb-to-Market Challenge or want to directly support teams with resources and expertise, or if you are interested in becoming a partner, please share with us how you would like to be part of this journey through our contact page HERE.


What kind of support will participants get?

There are many resources available on our website. If you are seeking more information about the waste and recycling landscape and waste streams, please visit the “Resources” page of our website HERE

In the event that you are unable to find the information you seek through our website or basic research, please reach out through our contact page HERE. We have a panel of advisors who will be able to assist with any hard-to-answer questions.

I noticed that organics are not included on the Challenge's "Resources" page. Are business plans that use organic waste as the primary material eligible for the Challenge? 

No. While organic waste is a huge issue and needs creative solutions, the Challenge does apply only to non-organics.


How is the $500,000 prize broken down?

The winner will be given, pending a contractual agreement, a $100,000 cash prize within 90 days of announcement, a $400,000 equity stake in the startup, an experienced advisor (in Chris) and access to a large network of angel investors. It is expected that Chris and others will work with the winner to start and develop the business.


How do we divide the prize if we’re a team?

Upon selection as a finalist, each team will be asked to put together a plan for dividing the cash prize among team members. This can be done in whatever manner the team sees fit. Each team will be expected to include this information and an explanation for their decision as part of their in-person presentation.


When does the application portal start accepting applications for participating in the Challenge?

You can apply for the Challenge starting February 1, 2019, by registering HERE.


When is the last date to apply to the Challenge?

June 1, 2019. Applications after this date will not be accepted.


Is there any registration fee required to participate?

No fees will be charged to participate or apply.


What is the next step after I have registered?

After you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this within twenty-four hours, please contact us.


What form is the application to be submitted in?

Each application is to follow the outline template provided on the application portal.


Who are the judges for the CTMC?

The panel of judges can be viewed HERE. They will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting the finalists and winning plan.


How is intellectual property treated during the CTMC?

Participants in the CTMC (a project of Brooktrout Partners, LLC) will be developing novel ideas or designs that may constitute IP that should be evaluated for appropriate protection. The CTMC’s approach to IP is that all participants entering the competition will do so at their own risk and will be solely responsible for ensuring that they have taken appropriate steps to protect any IP that forms part of their submission. All participants will be encouraged to review their applications with a patent attorney and submit provisional applications where appropriate. Participants should be aware that their applications for the CTMC containing technical details of their innovations would likely constitute a public disclosure of their invention/design, and could impair their ability to subsequently secure patent/design rights. It is therefore imperative that participants understand the risks and take all necessary steps to prevent any adverse impact of their submissions to the CTMC. CTMC does not make any representation or warranty regarding the treatment or confidentiality of any submissions received and disclaims all responsibility for the protection of participant IP, or any consequence resulting from participant submissions. CTMC will not provide IP advice directly to participants. Any additional support required would need to be separately procured by the participants.


What if there are no plans submitted that meet all the criteria?

In the event that there are no plans submitted that are feasible enough to pursue as a startup, the panel may, at its sole discretion, reduce the award to $25,000 cash. In this case there will be no equity portion, as that only applies in the case of an actual legal entity being formed to implement the winning plan as a startup.

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