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Anthropocene.Design and Arqlite win the NYC Curb-To-Market Challenge!

Learn more about the NYC CTMC's winners and other finalists below: 




Anthropocene.Design is a new consultancy designing products, services and systems for the Circular Economy in the Anthropocene Age. Founded by award-winning sustainable designer, educator and advocate Barent Roth, Anthropocene.Design seeks to reverse global warming and restore ecosystems by using renewable energy and the principles of Biomimicry, Product Service Systems and Design for Disassembly to keep materials flowing safely through recycling or composting circles.  



Arqlite has developed an innovative process that can upcycle laminated and other complex plastics into more efficient construction materials. Their very first product is an artificial gravel that is three times lighter than mineral gravel and ten times better of an insulator, contributing to a more efficient industry and resulting in cost reductions for buyers and a positive environmental impact.

Arqlite provides a pure circular economy solution by providing an innovative solution for upcycling complex plastic waste and turning it into products for mass use. They are already solving the problem of plastic waste.



Foam Cycle

Foam Cycle is the first patent pending Foam Packaging collection and processing system specifically designed to be placed outdoors. This system enables municipal and county recycling drop-off centers along with colleges and universities the ability to efficiently collect, densify, sell and ship the reduced foam (called “ingots”) to end-user picture frame manufacturers creating a closed loop recycling process.


Team Career Gear

Team Career Gear is a scalable, vertically-integrated platform that converts textile waste into stylish and utilitarian apparel and accessories. Our core mission is to create attractive living wage jobs for people who lack economic opportunities.


Natalia Szabla and Fabio Castellanos are two young industrial designers working under the name the7thFl. They follow the motto "The world doesn't need more things, it needs better things" and work on a diverse range of projects large and small. 

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